Ontario’s elementary teachers want the province to drastically scale back standardized testing, saying it is a “political tool” that wastes too much time and doesn’t reflect student achievement.

In several motions to be debated at next week’s annual meeting of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario, several locals are asking the union to lobby for major changes to the tests, which are developed and administered by the prov-ince’s Education Quality and Accountability Office — known as EQAO — and given to elementary students in Grades 3 and 6, testing reading, writing and math. It costs $32 million a year.

“EQAO drains much-needed time and resources away from teaching and learning,” says one motion, from the Toronto local, arguing such assessments are American-style and widely discredited even there.

“This standardized test is unfair, does not help students learn, and is not an accurate measure of student progress. It does not account for socio-economic conditions and does not measure other important aspects of education.”