‘I was pretty much born in heels,’ says instructor

Jessica Phillips is an instructor at Aradia Fitness.


With a stiletto-heeled swing around a pole, Jessica Phillips unleashes raw sexual power on a nuclear scale. She becomes a vision of high-voltage femininity that could reduce the most composed man into a stuttering fool.

And ladies, she can to teach you how to do the same thing, if you attend the classes.

For almost a year now, the Queen Street West regular, 24, has been showing women how to get in touch with their sexuality while getting in shape at the downtown location of Aradia Fitness, a franchise of studios, run by women for women, across North America devoted to sexy exercise routines.

Out of the pole, lap and burlesque dancing classes the club offers, it’s the stiletto-walking seminar where Phillips shines. Her original idea, she wanted to lend her expertise to ladies who love that kind of shoe, but would have no clue how to strut their stuff in them.

“I have a background in jazz, tap, ballet at a younger age, a bit of burlesque on the side and go-go dancing for bands,” Phillips says. “I was pretty much born in heels. I love it. I haven’t been in this good shape for at least seven years or so. All the classes have a cardio sense to it, but for the most part they’re based in yoga and Pilates.”

Phillips says women who are new to the routines approach her with all sorts of apprehensions such as whether it’s difficult or not, will they be gawked at, or if they have to take off their clothes. But the dancer reassures newbies that the environment in which they learn is perfectly safe.

“There are parts that are hard,” Phillips says. “It is a workout still. There is a sense of pushing one’s limits. But the women who come in here are the same as everyone else with same flexibility. It’s a safe place where you can come in and do it up. There’s no pressure.”

So can these classes make you sexy? Phillips claims they can. Along with a muscular workout, she says that increased confidence is one of the biggest payoffs.

“There’s a lot of pressure for women to be an object of sexuality,” she says. “This celebrates every type of women’s body. When a woman is in touch with her own sexuality, she can express it how she wants, and that’s what’s sexy. It’s about what they think is sexy and that’s what you find here.”

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