Lunchtime at the Hope Mission was extra special for hungry visitors and staff yesterday.

Members of the Edmonton Capitals lent a helping hand, serving up a delicious meal of green onion cake and vegetables.

Players Chris Little and Steve Brown and field manager Gord Gerlach, decked out in aprons and gloves, were stationed in the kitchen and seemed to have gotten the rhythm of the assembly line down pat.

“One of the good things about playing during the season is that you do get to go out in the community and meet people, and try to give back to some of the fans and the people who watch us every night,” said Little.

Community relations co-ordinator Kelly Row is excited for the new partnership between the Hope Mission and the Capitals, and hopes the team will come down on a regular basis.

“Just having a chance to bring in a ball team like the Capitals and for them to show they care,” said Row. “It will raise the enthusiasm and some of the spirits here, hopefully.”