The Trump campaign booted Aaron Borders after Buzzfeed exposed his racist rants --Reuters, Twitter (inset)

Aaron Borders, you're fired! ...And if anyone asks, we don't know you.


That's essentially what went down when Buzzfeed confronted Donald Trump's campaign with racially-charged social media postings by Borders, a Republican activist and it's man in Arizona.

Campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks said "I’ve never heard of Aaron, but he appears to be an overzealous volunteer.”

That description is exactly what furiouscampaign manager CoreyLewandowski toldBorders he would tell the press -- in one of several conversations recorded by Borders.


"We'll just tell BuzzFeed that there's no formal relationship, that you're an overzealous volunteer and that you're not part of the campaign in any way shape or form, regardless of what the story says," he told Borders.

Borders gave the recordings to Buzzfeed, including an earlier one in which he is told he had the top job in Arizona.


Borders posted meme after meme after meme denigrating President Obama. One put him in a turban and compared him to Osama bin Laden. Another said that he was elected twice only because he is black. Several others trash Islam.

Borders identified himself as the Trump campaign's Arizona state coordinator online and when he was shown the door posted on Twitter: "As many may or may not have seen I am no longer Trumps AZ State Director."

He told Buzzfeed that he didn't think the posts were a problem because of The Donald's penchant for the outrageous, like his rant about Mexico and racists.

Borders is the latest in string of recent high-profile Trump surrogates making outrageous remarks:

  • On Sunday, Team Trump said goodbye to adviser Sam Nunberg, after Business Insider reported on his eye-popping Facebook posts , including the seeming use of the N-word when talking about the Rev. Al Sharpton's daughter.
  • On Monday,The Daily Beast reported that Trump adviser Brad Nagel's Facebook posts slammed Mexicans and Islam.
  • And several weeks back, a lawyer for Trump had to apologize after saying that marital rape does not exist.


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