It was all fun and games on Citytv yesterday but the two families going head-to-head in a dream home competition will soon be hammering it out on television.

Citytv announced live on Breakfast Television yesterday morning the two families chosen from nearly 1,000 applicants to participate in the My Rona Home competition, pitting two families side-by-side building their dream homes, and the winning family will keep their home, mortgage free.

My Rona Home host Elissa Lansdell woke the two lucky families before the television show yesterday morning and brought them into the Citytv studios for the announcement.

“It was hard, I had to kind of toy with them a bit when I was telling them, but when I told them they were chosen it was so much fun,” Lansdell said.

For the blue team, Krystle Cottrell and Vernon McCarty were chosen. They have a two-year-old child. For the yellow team, James and Nicola Mooney were chosen. They have a two-year-old and a three-month-old.

Both families agreed they were part of an “opportunity of a lifetime” by being chosen.
“It’s just incredible,” Cottrell said.

Citytv will broadcast the show in the fall.

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