Last night the world got its answer to one of the most puzzling questions: How do you pronounce GIF. It is with a hard or soft G?

At the 17th annual Webby Awards at Cipriani Wall Street, the inventor of the GIF, Steve Wilhite, accepted the award for Lifetime Achievement by ending, once and for all, the pronunciation debate.

Instead of giving a 5-word acceptance speech, Wilhite chose to accept his award with a GIF.


“It’s pronounced “JIF” not “GIF,”” a GIF on the screen read.

Despite clarification from the inventor himself, there are still some who refuse to accept the real pronunciation.

According to Daily Intelligencer other Webby guests were skeptical.

Randi Zuckerberg, Mark’s sister, said her “whole world has been turned upsdie down,” since she always pronounced it with a hard G.

“I usually do JIF. I usually try to do it properly. I don’t really care; I won’t correct anybody, but I usually go with JIF. Both are pretty weird words,” said newly rich Tumblr founder, David Karp. “It’s Graphic Interchange Format, and you would think it was a ‘Gah’ sound, a hard G.”

President Barack Obama’s e-campaign team felt the strongest about the revelation.

“F*** that sh**,” Harper Reed, Obama’s former chief technology officer told Daily Intelligencer. “It is GIF.

The Obama campaign’s digital director, Teddy Goff, said, “it is GIF all the way, and I do not care what the founder thinks.”

“If people think it’s JIF, they’re not very smart, said Michael Slaby, Obama’s former chief integration and innovation officer. “Sometimes you create a monster and that monster takes a life of its own, and the GIF has taken on a life of its own apart from the founder and his intent.”

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