The untimely deaths of two teens from Paul Band First Nation have become the subject of public debate, prompting controversial comments from a venting radio listener that were recently yanked from airwaves.

Leah House, 14, and Trinity Bird, 15, both died after taking ecstasy at a round dance two weeks ago. Though it’s not believed the drug itself killed either of the girls, a caller to Sonic 102.9 left a voice message, hinting the punishment fit the crime.

“It’s a hot-button topic, but we certainly haven’t gone on the air and said they deserved to die,” said Sonic program director Al Ford. “It was taken way out of context.”

Concentrated efforts have been made by station officials to contact the girls’ families.

“Absolutely we’ll take the call off the air and address the issue,” Ford said.

A 16-year-old boy has been charged in connection with the deaths, and is scheduled to appear in court May 1.

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