Noellee Mowatt has vowed never to call police again — in any situation, even if she’s suffering.
Through choking sobs yesterday morning, Mowatt, 19, made the pact from a pay phone at a Milton jail, where she’s spending the last few days of her pregnancy.
Due to deliver next Tuesday, the teenager has been detained at Vanier Centre for Women since Thursday, when a justice of the peace denied her bail.
Mowatt, who is not facing any criminal charges, won’t be let out until she testifies at her boyfriend’s domestic assault trial on Friday.
“I only made a mistake by calling the cops,” she said. “This is what I get. ... I’m never calling the police again — even if I’m dying, I’m not going to call them.”
Mowatt, is worried the stress of being in prison will affect the health of her baby, a girl, and is struggling to understand why she’s being “punished.”
She called police in December to report her boyfriend Christopher Harbin, 25, had assaulted her. Harbin is facing eight charges: Four counts of assault, including assault with a weapon, forcible confinement and three counts of breaching probation.