Father calls Pasqua ‘cold, calloused’ in impact statement

« It was an accident, I am not a murderer ... I’m sorry your son was taken from you.»


Natalie Pasqua will be nearing 40 years old the next time she sets foot in public a free woman.

Pasqua, 26, was sentenced to life in prison with no parole eligibility for 12 years Wednesday in the murder of Gage Prevost, 17, in August of 2007.

"We would have never crossed paths if you had acted with common sense and morality," said Prevost’s father Dale in his victim impact statement.

He labelled Pasqua "cold, calloused, self-absorbed and cruel," adding his family is in grief counselling while he’s on anti-depressants and suffers from incessant anxiety attacks and insomnia since his son’s murder.

"You changed our lives in a way no one never dared to think about," said the victim’s aunt, Karen Prevost.

"You chose to end his life before it even began; you chose his destiny."

Pasqua sobbed and wiped tears from her cheeks as the victim impact statements were read and exercised her right to address the Court of Queen’s Bench, apologizing for her stupidity on the day of the incident and saying she hopes she never has to go through the same things as Prevost’s family with her own children.

"It was an accident, I am not a murderer," Pasqua said.

"I can’t sleep at night and have to live with the fact that someone died.

"I’m sorry your son was taken from you."

Despite Pasqua’s tears, Prevost’s family rejected the apology and Pasqua’s mother, who requested not to be identified by name for fear of retaliation, said she just hopes her drug-addicted daughter can find herself again, even after what she considers an unfair trial.

"I brought up a good girl," she said.

Defence attorney Andre Oulette plans to appeal the conviction.


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