Malvern community worker Brian Henry tapped away on his laptop in the main corridor of the Scarborough courthouse yesterday after picking up and delivering his young charges to make their court appearances.



One of their friends, 16-year-old Keyon Campbell, was gunned down outside his townhouse on the weekend. Campbell was "one of the good ones," "a leader" and even "one of my babies," says Henry after composing a letter to the Catholic school board on behalf of one of the many boys he mentors.



Henry, Campbell and several other Malvern youth were featured in EMPz 4 Life, a highly acclaimed documentary that made its debut at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival.

The documentary follows the Malvern kids as they participate in an innovative math program. But the movie is really about how the odds are stacked against the kids. EMPz is a reference to Empringham Drive — the street that has seen a disproportionate share of violent crime and where Campbell lived with his mother, Sandra.


  • Keyon Campbell was shot Sunday around 1:30 a.m. when he went outside to warm up his mother’s car so she could drive one of his friends home.