Autumn Deiseroth


Let's hope she at least caught a Psyduck.

A 15-year-old girl is due to be released from a hospital shortly after being hit by a car — all due to her love forthe incredibly popular new smartphone game, Pokemon Go, her mother says.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reportedthat Autumn Deisenroth, 15, was hit by a car around 5:20 p.m. Tuesday while crossing the intersection of Corbet Street and Sixth Avenue in her hometown of Tarentum in western Pennsylvania

"The girl never leaves the house ... Ithought, ‘what the heck,' and gave her my phone and here's what happened. I thought it would be a fun game, getting people out of the house. She'll never play Pokemon again," Deisenroth's mother, Tracy Nolan, told the Tribune-Review. "This would have not happened without her using thatapplication."


Deisenroth was reportedly rushing home to tell her mother that she had found a Pokemon at the nearbyAllegheny-Kiski Valley Heritage Museum and holding her phone, but wasnot playing the gamewhen she was hit.

Deisenroth is expected to be released fromChildren's Hospital in Pittsburgh within a day.

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