A distraught Calgary mom, whose son was victimized in a weekend assault, fears he’ll never be able to finish high school.

The mother, who wished not to be named, said her Grade 12 son suffered such serious head injuries in a vicious attack early Saturday morning, that he lost the mental capacity to complete his studies.

“He’s not able to walk, he can’t remember what happened. We’re just not sure what is going to happen,” the upset mother said.

The mother said she would usually pick her 17-year-old son up, but that night his friend dropped him off at the Canyon Meadows C-Train station. That’s when police say an altercation occurred between two groups and spilled onto the overpass of the 400-block of Cantrell Drive SW.

“They went for his head. They didn’t hit his body. I just don’t understand why,” she choked up. “I just want the violence to stop. I want them caught.”

The mother is calling for better safety on LRT platforms, and she says there should be around-the-clock visible presence.

“It’s been a problem before and it’s a concern for me. I’m very fearful,” she said, adding her son was punched once before at a different LRT platform.

Calgary Transit spokesperson Ron Collins said while the attack didn’t occur on transit property, crime in and around platforms has decreased.

“We’ve taken many safety initiatives and increased our visibility across the system. The system is safe,” Collins said.

Det. Jeff Anderson is urging for witnesses in the attack to come forward with information.

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