Two Stewiacke boys are facing criminal charges after allegedly throwing rocks through the windows of moving vehicles.

The youth were among five 14-year-old boys arrested last week in connection with a series of incidents, including property damage that occurred in the South Colchester town between Feb. 11 and March 3. The damage included smashing store windows and a windshield out of vehicle, damaging the canteen at the Stewiacke ball fields and damage to property at the Stewiacke treatment plant.

Two boys are each facing six mischief charges, including two counts each of mischief endangering a life while the remaining three are facing between two and five counts of mischief and will be proceeding through the restorative justice system.

“It’s one thing for youths ... to smash a window out of a stationary service delivery truck, but it’s another thing to throw a rock, the size of a man’s fist, at a vehicle travelling at least 110 km/h on the 102 highway,” Sgt. Al Affleck said.

“That could kill somebody. That could kill the driver. It could kill the person throwing the rock and could kill anybody else if the driver lost control.”

Two youth are alleged to have thrown rocks at vehicles on Highway 102 near Exit 11 in Stewiacke.

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