Two female students at Ernest Marrow Junior High School will be charged after they allegedly posted a bomb threat on Facebook, causing the school to be locked down and evacuated Thursday morning.

According to Calgary police Duty Insp. Dave Wood, a former teacher found the information on one of the girls’ Facebook pages and brought it to the attention of school administration. They phoned police at about 9:45 a.m. and initiated a lockdown.

“There will be charges laid in this, partly to discourage others who might try it,” Wood said.

Police searched the school for a suspicious package but found nothing. Students were evacuated from the building just before 11 a.m. and sent away from the area.

“Everybody took it seriously — as they should,” said Ted Flitton, spokesperson for the Calgary Board of Education.

He commended the former teacher for raising the red flag over the alleged threat.

“People are your best security — as long as you have people who care enough about the safety of themselves and others to bring it up,” said Flitton.

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