“We’re not dealing with hardened criminals.”



Less than two days after the fatal stabbing of a 35-year-old Toronto man in the city’s east end, three teenaged suspects have been charged with second-degree murder.


Alfredo Dix, 19, Bartosz Prusakiewicz, 19, and Baran Yilmaz, 18, each turned themselves into police Monday night, less than 48 hours after an “altercation gone bad.” Detective Wayne Fowler said he wasn’t surprised that the three showed up at various police stations in the city, so quickly, to give themselves up.

“We expected that was going to happen,” Fowler said yesterday. “They were not known to us. They each live with their parents. We’re not dealing with hardened criminals.”

Russell Hoffman, of Toronto, died at St. Michael’s Hospital early Sunday morning after being fatally stabbed in the upper torso, an autopsy confirmed this week. Hoffman, married with three young children, and his 34-year-old brother were involved in a fight that escalated out of control late Saturday night near Pharmacy and Denton Avenues.

Police won’t comment on the motive or specifics of what happened Saturday night, but Fowler called this incident an “assault gone horribly wrong” and said he’s seen fights get carried away like this in the past. “It progresses and then one person pulls a knife,” he said. “There’s this pack mentality.”