Remember the sea of red mittens at the Vancouver Olympics?

Well, four Tantallon students are hoping for a sea of blue scarves at the Halifax 2011 Canada Games in February.

“We want to start something that could be really big and everyone knows about the red mittens,” said Morgan Fraser, 16, one of four students on a junior achievement team.

They came up with a Nova Scotian tartan scarf with mitts sewn into the ends.

“We just want to bring back the vibe from the Olympics to the Canada Games with these scarves the same way the mittens did,” said Yuming Nichols, 17.

Games organizers took a pass on making the scarves official games wear since they already have a clothing line, but they allowed the kids to sell scarves at the speed-skating oval on the Halifax Common, said Nichols.

“We’re looking at selling them at different locations during the Canada Games,” Fraser said.

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