This summer, while walking around Kensington, I bumped into Naheed Nenshi who was in early stages of his campaign for mayor.

I remember at the time I was wearing my favourite purple sweater, he remarked that it was great to see me in “his colour” and jokingly thanked me for the support. I laughed it off, not knowing that that would be the last time I could ever wear the colour without someone assuming my support of Nenshi.

Little more than a month into his reign as mayor, I still can’t go anywhere in purple without someone asking me if I’m a Nenshi fan. Could I just stop wearing purple? Sure. But ever since a Holt Refrew employee told me that I looked good in purple while standing in line at McDonald's, I’m too scared to wear anything but -- yeah, I was shocked he was at McDonald's, too.

With a wardrobe packed with plum-coloured shirts, ties, sweaters and even boxers, what am I supposed to do? What if Barb Higgins had won? Would I never be able to eat Corn Flakes? And since I’ve been told for years that I don’t look good in blue, part of me wishes that McIver had taken the whole thing, that way I could wear my purple and mauve styles without prejudice.

The only comfort I’ve found is knowing that I’m not the only one feeling the stress of having to go violet-free. While I’ve never seen The Color Purple, I think I can assume that it’s about people trying to break free from a world where they can’t wear purple. In the scenes I’ve seen, I think that’s why everyone is always crying. Which makes sense, I’ve shed more than enough tears knowing that I won’t be able to wear some of my favourite articles of clothing, without hearing Nenshi’s name.

By all accounts, I don’t remember our new mayor ever even asking if he could claim ownership over such a popular and trendy colour. Couldn’t he be like Jack Layton and choose orange? I mean, really, who looks good in orange? The same could be said for Elizabeth May and her obsession with all things green. She happily chose the colour and neither her or her choice of hue have bothered any of us ever since.

While Nenshi should be applauded for all the things he’s been able to do since becoming our mayor, I have to ask: If I can’t look good for the next three years, what’s the point?

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