Re: "The better way could be better.":

Ignorant MP3-blaring, seat-hogging, loud-talking, nail-clipping, pushing and shoving neighbours that you may experience are only part of the reason that many don’t take the TTC. There’s no getting around it: People love their cars and loathe the frequent delays, long lines and overcrowded vehicles that the "Better way" is known for.

There’s a big market out there for the TTC, mostly sitting in their cars for two hours a day in heavy traffic. Make them an offer that is worth their while, and they might park the car and "Ride the Rocket."


In order to alleviate gridlock, it’s imperative to get those single drivers out of their seven-passenger off-road military assault vehicles and tantalize them with good reasons to ride with the likes of me.

How about free parking in more locations and a cheaper Metropass, to start? A few service improvements wouldn’t hurt either.

The TTC should look at its fare structure and compare it to similar North American cities. At almost $100, the Metropass is no bargain unless you travel six days per week at least twice a day.

Although cash fares for cross-town commutes are reasonable, short trips are no value at all. Sometimes, it truly is cheaper to take the car and often more convenient.

Why does the TTC rely solely on collectors and token machines at every station when electronic fares are more cost effective and require less manpower?

It would be easy to set up a system where people could prepay set amounts on an electronic card, which could be swiped as required when entering the subway or surface routes. Less cash would have to be on hand at the collector’s booths, reducing the risk of robbery while expediting service and reducing line-ups during rush hour.

Something should be done to attract new riders.

I’m just a commuter with a lot of time to think.

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