Ten people were injured and six people were treated by paramedics after a ride pod broke off a Calgary Stampede Midway ride Friday evening.

According to Calgary EMS spokesperson Stuart Brideaux, ten people between the ages of 13 and 19 were injured, four were treated on scene and six patients were were taken to hospital, with one suffering potentially life-threatening injuries.

The general manager of the group who runs the midway, said that the Scorpion ride had been inspected that morning.


Calgary firefighters and the Special Events Response vehicle were dispatched to the scene of the Scorpion ride within minutes, they said, and upon arrival stabilized the scene and began treating patients.

One eyewitness, 16-year-old Tanner Suttie, said there was a 'loud bang', "And we turned around and that thing was flying right off."

Suttie said one patient was lying beside a nearby rock, being held, with others sobbing nearby. "She was in pretty rough shape," he said.

Suttie, like other witnesses, was left stunned.

"It was like one of the scariest things I've ever seen," he said.

"I haven't been on a ride since I saw that."

Tony Diaz, general manager of North American Midway Entertainment said all rides, including the Scorpion, are carefully inspected every morning. Diaz added that the ride is currently being inspected by the province - and indicated that no other rides would be closed down in light of the incident.

According to fire officials, power was immediately cut on the ride to protect emergency responders and other riders. Firefighters also assessed if there was any danger of further collapse.

Some people who had been on another ride told The Canadian Press
they heard a loud bang and later saw that a cart at the end of one of
the Scorpion's three arms had torn free and been thrown into a safety

The witnesses said they also saw injured people lying on
the ground.

They described a chaotic scene with several young
people in hysterics and emergency vehicles arriving with sirens blaring.

Calgary Stampede CEO Vern Kimball said that thoughts and prayers go out to all of the affected families.

- with files from Canadian Press

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