Nothing drives Toronto drivers crazier than forgetting that little blinking light.

Drivers who don’t signal are at the top of a Toronto Police Top-10 list of pet peeves about motorists, released yesterday.

“By a landslide” is how strongly Toronto drivers can’t stand all those other people behind the wheel who don’t use their indicators when they turn or change lanes, says Sgt. Tim Burrows of traffic safety.

A few weeks ago, Burrows asked Toronto drivers to send him — via Facebook and Twitter, presumably not while driving — what road behaviour most enraged them.

And here they are, in reverse order:

10 Slow drivers, in general.

9 Slow drivers who pull into your lane while you’re travelling faster.

8 Late left-turn signals.

7 Distracted drivers. Burrows added the comment: “27 times increased risk in collision. Hands-free does not mean you are minimizing the distraction.”

6 Cyclists who break the highway rules.

5 Drivers who hog the left lane, rather than just use it for passing.

4 Unsafe lane changes.

3 Following too closely.

2 Lane cutters who use the entrance ramp to pass cars then cram themselves back into the expressway curb lane.

1 No signals.