The company that wants Mallory O’Donohue evicted from her apartment said if she stays she will be alone and in danger, “a little girl in a big building,” she said yesterday.

O’Donohue, 21, is the only tenant who still has a lease in a building at West 13th Avenue and Oak Street, where all the renters were served eviction notices on June 28.

O’Donohue said the man who delivered her notice ripped it up in front of her when she told him she had signed her year-lease only three months ago.

After she signed, the building was sold to new owners.

The new owners claim to plan extensive renovations, but have yet to apply for any permits that would require a vacant building.

Six of the building’s tenants who believe they are being “bullied and intimidated” out of their homes held a press conference with Vancouver-Fairview MLA Gregor Robertson yesterday.

They are the latest victims of “an epidemic of evictions around the city,” Robertson said.

He accused the B.C. Liberals of “eviscerating” the residential tenancy act, with loopholes that allow owners to unfairly evict tenants and raise rents.

The tenants have an appeal scheduled for Aug. 20, 11 days before their eviction is scheduled.

In the meantime, the tenants said they have been facing unsanitary conditions. O’Donohue said she has been picking up the garbage that’s piling up outside and vacuuming the halls.

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