As the leaves fall from the trees and the temperature drops, plaids and tartans start to appear in shop windows. Those horizontal and vertical bands of colour aren’t limited to winter scarves and pajamas though. They’ve earned their stripes in home decor, as well.

“Plaids evoke traditional decorating, (they’re) much more adaptable to fall and winter colours,” Karl Lohnes, home expert for Canada AM. “Plaids need dedication; they need to be the main focus in a room either wallpaper, large scale fabric on drapes or a large sofa. One big element of plaid is enough.”

To give a room a more masculine feel, pair richly coloured plaids with leather, suede and other heavy fabrics. There are lots of options out there, from picture frames to dressers, but make sure to avoid pastel plaids.

“Choose your plaid first — the bigger the room, the bigger the pattern — then decorate around it. Adding plaid as an afterthought never works!”