VANCOUVER, B.C. - A reference to a banned terrorist group on the
social networking site Facebook has landed a British Columbia teen in

Insp. Paul Richards of the Integrated National Security Enforcement
Team's Vancouver office says the Facebook web page was created by a
youth bragging about being a member of the International Sikh Youth

The ISYF is among several banned groups under Canada's Anti-Terrorism Act.


"The ISYF has been linked with a number of violent acts, as well
as other extremist groups related to Sikh extremism in India," Richards

He said the ISYF was investigated following the 1985 Air India
bombings, along with another group listed as a terrorist entity, the
Babbar Khalsa.

On June 22, 1985, explosions on board two separate Air India flights originating in Vancouver killed a total of 331 people.

According to Public Safety Canada, which maintains the list of
banned groups, the Babbar Khalsa is a militant Sikh organization
dedicated to an independent Sikh state in India and have conducted
armed attacks, kidnapping, assassination and bombings in pursuit of
that cause.

Police were first notified about the Facebook page in February
and Richards said one of the pictures on the site showed a youth
brandishing a prohibited, assault-style weapon.

"That led us to a young person who we worked with and interviewed . . . and the site was torn down," he said.

"He was simply using the name as a means of being very bold and being very out there and up front with that identification."

Though the youth was photographed with the assault weapon, an AK-47, Richards said the firearm belonged to another man.

Three weapons were surrendered to police without incident. None were legally owned weapons.

Bahadur Sandhu, 49, of Surrey, will appear in provincial court May 4 for a firearms prohibition hearing.

The youth will also face a hearing for firearms prohibition.

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