Re: “Column about student suicide,” Jan. 17:


What a pity to see that one of your writers has been taken in by an urban legend. It’s not surprising that Lisi Tesher mentioned that she “remember(ed) hearing about a student who’d killed himself close to the end of the year.


The university awarded his roommate a 4.0 average, without writing any exams, as a consolation for the trauma he’d endured.”


Whenever you hear this story, it will always be someone “remembered hearing about” a student, not someone who actually KNOWS said student.


The reason for this is the roommate suicide/automatic 4.0 is a total urban legend that has been covered both by the television show “Urban Legends Revealed” and by Snopes, a great website for verifying urban legends: This legend has even been mentioned in an episode of CSI.

So, sorry Lisi, but the story you heard is not true, and it is one that has been passed around universities for years.