‘Edge of Darkness’
Director: Martin Campbell
Cast: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone
Rating: R
Grade: ?????

Nobody wants to like Mel Gibson. Even after seven years of cowering behind the camera, it’s hard for most of the moviegoing public to get the term “sugar-tits” out of their heads when looking at that sad, wrinkly wisp of the Mad Max we knew and loved. Add to that misfortune Gibson’s Southie Boston accent — which seems to have become the dialectical equivalent of leading men attempting Broadway — in “Edge of Darkness.”

But if in the mood for a classic whodunit and Johnny-renegade-tearing-it-up-against-the-big-guys kind of movie, then this film won’t disappoint on most other levels. That’s mostly to the credit of the British mini-series it was based on, but at least choosing this project is a sign that Gibson may be on his way back from the likes of “Apocalypto.”

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