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Texas principal forbids students from speaking Spanish

Today in ridiculous news, a middle school banned speaking Spanish in the halls.

No word on if other languages besides Spanish were banned. Credit: Colourbox No word on if other languages besides Spanish were banned.
Credit: Colourbox

A Texas middle school principal recently implemented a new policy forbidding students from speaking Spanish at school because she didn't know what they were saying.

Hempstead Middle School, located near Houston, has a heavily Hispanic population; roughly 50 percent of the students are fluent in Spanish. Principal Amy Lacey didn't like that she didn't know what students were talking about, so last month she announced a new school policy over the loudspeaker: No more speaking Spanish.


Parents were obviously upset when the learned what happened and complained. Since then, the superintendent's office released this statement:

"We are continuing to 'Create a Culture of Excellence,' which includes embracing students of all cultural and diverse backgrounds. Our priorities are our students. The district has received allegations regarding this issue and the district is investigating this matter. At this time the administrator is on leave with pay until the investigation is complete and appropriate action is determined. This is all we can say at this time as there is a pending investigation on this matter."

No other news has been released about the incident and Principal Lacey is still out on paid leave.

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