If you’re looking for love while working abroad, consider a move to Thailand.

And pray head office doesn't send you to Qatar.

A survey of over 3,100 expatriates around the world by HSBC Bank International compared their experiences while living and working abroad.

Almost half of expats surveyed in Thailand said they found love in the country, compared with just four per cent who had the same good luck in India or Qatar.

Canada was judged the best place in the world overall to live by other expatriates. Australia was in second place and Thailand in third.

The survey indicated that expats coming to Canada have the best quality of life and find it relatively easy to integrate with the local population.

Considered to be the worst for expatriates in a list of 26 countries were China, Britain, Russia, India and, in last place, Qatar.

The report covered such things as accommodation, food, entertainment, health care, working hours and commuting to work.

Over half of the expats questioned had lived abroad for more than five years.

In Thailand, 60 per cent of expats said they had household staff. In Vietnam, more than 90 per cent did.