I’m a second-time bride getting married the in last week of July. I work full time, will be going on a two-week honeymoon and have two children from a previous marriage to take care of full time. Based on the fact that everyone knows how busy I am, are people honestly expecting me to send thank you notes for their presents?

Carole, Nova Scotia

Hello Carole:

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I know the answer to your question is one you don’t want to hear, but it’s "Yes." You do need to send everyone a thank-you note and here’s why:

1. People have gone to the trouble of spending time and money shopping for you — and they are just as busy as you.

2. It would be hurtful for guests who might think that your lack of communication means you don’t care or value them or their gift.

That said, don’t pressure yourself to write all of the notes at one time. Pace yourself. Send one or two per day, or 10 or so per weekend, and soon enough they will be done — I promise.

As my grandmother taught me, you will never be criticized for sending a thank you note, but you will always be criticized for not sending one.

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