If you ask most Calgary Flames fans, they would say hell froze over on March 3, 2010 — that’s the day the Flames made a trade with their provincial arch-rivals, the Edmonton Oilers, for the first time in history.

By shipping Flames defenceman Aaron Johnson and a third-round pick to the capital city, Calgary acquired veteran rearguard Steve Staios and the distinction of making a deal with the devil, according to some local hockey fans.

“Well, I am from Toronto and that is a taboo trade. That’s like the Leafs and Senators making a trade. You just don’t do it,” said fan Katie Morgan from Flames Central.

“But it sounds like we got a good trade and if he isn’t any good, let’s just send him back.”

Flames general manager Darryl Sutter said he was working on the deal with the rivals for the past month or so before wrapping it up with the Oilers prior to the trade deadline.

Flames fan Joe Doucet put aside his “natural hate” for the Oilers for what he called a “great trade for us and a bad trade for them,” adding that he also supported the Flames’ other trades.

The Flames were busy before the trade deadline, dealing back-up goalie Curtis McElhinney to the Anaheim Ducks for Vesa Toskala, and forward Dustin Boyd to the Nashville Predators for a fourth-round draft pick.

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