One stroke of bad luck ended up being the ticket to riches for a 33-year-old Edmonton-area man, who is now $41.7-million richer.

Cameron Blair was laid off from his welding job a few weeks ago, right before he decided to try his luck at the Lotto Max’s massive April 23 jackpot, buying a pair of $11 Lotto Max quick pick tickets from a local Shell gas station.

“I found out that I had seven of seven numbers as of Saturday morning (the day after the draw) — and then my life changed,” said Blair during a news conference yesterday.

The lucky homeowner who now plans to pay off his mortgage was headed out shopping at Costco with his mom when he found out that he had the winning ticket.

When mom discovered he had the winning ticket, Blair said he paid for her groceries.

Blair also told reporters that if he hadn’t lost his job, he wouldn’t have purchased the tickets.

“(Being laid off) was bad luck with the way the economy was going,” said Blair, who still wants to finish his journeyman welding ticket.

“I was going to buy my ticket to perk up my blues, to pick me up and get me through it, just to have those dreams and carry me on until school.”

The Edmonton region’s latest winner, who has a girlfriend, said he plans to give his money to his parents so they can retire and he intends to “live a normal life” despite the win.

Blair’s jackpot is Alberta’s largest-ever lotto prize claimed by one person. It’s also the third-largest prize ever won in the province, said the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

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