Hear ye, hear ye!

There’s a new hipster trend on the scene, inspired by none other than the Amish.

Yes, that's right, Amish styles are making a comeback, for the first time since the early 1800'.

Last January the New York Times ran a fashion spread titled “Amish Fashion Week” featuring Dior Homme's male models dressed in plain trousers, simple shirts, and broad brimmed black hats all of which kept with the Amish theme, in a wide array of Amish colors spanning all the way from black to gray to brown.


Five years prior to the "Amish Fashion Week" spread Dior Homme "was hyper-cool boys in the latest wispy jeans and haircuts" but for fall 2011, the clothes were "soft", "draped" and "plain". The design incited "sudden flashbacks to Alexander Godunov as an Amish dreamboat farmer in “Witness.”

Just like many runway fashions, it took a while for word of the trend to influence the common-flk but after almost an entire year it seems some of us have finally jumped on the Amish fashion bandwagon.

So, would the Amish appreciate that their fashion has been translated into "high-fashion"?

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