Whether it’s in condos, apartments or houses, more and more women are choosing to live alone these days.


Christina Aragon, director of Strategy and Consumer Insights at Rent.com, breaks down the Mars versus Venus of the home market.

1. What are single ladies looking for when they rent or buy a home?

According to our data, 72 per cent of single women cited a safe neighbourhood as their must-have feature, while 13 per cent of single women told us their No. 1 requirement was enough closet and storage space.


Another eight per cent wanted a spacious kitchen above all else.


2. Are single ladies more likely to buy or rent? Why?

According to our survey, 36 per cent of single women rent their current homes, while 54 per cent are homeowners and another 10 per cent live with friends or family for free.


The likelihood of a single woman being a homeowner versus a renter can be most highly correlated to age; the older the woman, the more likely she is to own the home.


3. What’s the biggest difference between what a single man is looking for in a home versus a single woman?

We found it interesting that while 42 per cent of single men wanted to have eligible bachelorettes as a neighbour, only 14 per cent of single females felt the same way toward their male counterparts.

In terms of neighbour preferences, our survey found that single females preferred to have families with children (30 per cent) or married couples without children (25 per-cent) close by.

Furthermore, single women shared that they would even prefer to have people with pets as neighbour (24 per cent), instead of having single men next door.