Two couples on opposite sides of the Atlantic rate the spring trends on a scale of one to 10.



’70s shorts for men

Paul: “Every year I watch people go to the US Open dressed like Roger Federer is going to hand them a racquet. Tennis apparel should stay on the tennis court.” 1

“Love this! It’s a fresh and fun twist on summer shorts for men.” 9



Paul: “There are three people who could wear the mandal: Moses, Caesar and Jesus.” 0

Alexis: “I agree. This is the worst trend since Uggs.” 0

Max: “I’ve got a pair of Birkenstocks and I when put them on recently, and I thought, ‘I look like an old mathematics teacher.” 4

Laura: “They’re a bit feminine, basically like a gladiator women’s shoe. I’m going to rock this look soon and I don’t want to see a guy wearing the same sandals as me.” 2


Flares for women

Paul: “I’m a shoe guy. It’s like buying a Ferrari and putting a cover over it.” 2

Max: “I think they look silly. I’m a fan of skinny jeans because I like the natural shape of legs.” 6

Fruit dresses for women

Laura: “I think it’s fun and I do like it but I’ve tried to steer away from this look because I used to dress like this as a kid.” 8

Max: “I don’t know, not such a fan. It looks like my Mum’s tabletop in 1974, which was still there in 1988.” 5