2010 was a big year for gaming and tech. The Kinect. The iPad. That Facebook movie. But the expansion of technological doodads into our lives never slows down, and 2011 is here. Here are some predictions for what we can expect to see.

Apple and AT&T start an open relationship

Apple and AT&T have been going steady and producing little iPhone babies for years. The thrill, however, is now gone. Steve Jobs and company are saying no to monogamy and will open up the iPhone for use with Verizon in February. Verizon users shouldn’t hold their breath for the mythical white iPhone 4, though.

iPad 2

Yeah, the original iPad just came out in April. Still, we all know Apple loves the pitter-patter of incremental updates to their product line. Rumors indicate the iPad 2 may be out as early as March — and may include cameras, a gyroscope and bigger speakers. Early adopters are about to be pissed.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo will release the follow-up to their mega-successful DS portable gaming system in March. The 3DS uses some kind of mystical technology — really, we could not begin to explain it — to give players a full 3-D experience with no glasses. Finally, the tyranny of stupid- looking glasses is over! Goodnight, my sweet red-and-blue prince.