Clinton Hardesty, education director at Elemis, demonstrates how to keep your complexion radiant when harsh weather conditions and indoor heating dry it out.

1 Invest in a good night cream (no, the day cream won’t work).
“Your skin goes through a reparative restorative phase at night and that’s triggered by sleep, so finding a night cream that is especially oriented to the processes of your skin is very helpful during the winter,” advises Hardesty. “They’re designed to work synergistically with what your skin is going through during slumber,” he adds.
Try: Elemis Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night cream, $194

2 Go easy on the exfoliation.
“Move away from granulated exfoliants in the winter and use more enzyme based exfoliants, which are gentler,” he says.
Try: Bliss Peeling Groovy Serum, $65

3 Eye cream=youth serum.
Hardesty says eye cream is key. “In the winter, you don’t have oil production in the curves around your eye area, so it’s much more susceptible to drying out,” he says. The skin around your eyes is also a lot more prone to aging.
Try:?Olay Total Effects Eye Cream, $12