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The big colour for 2010: Pink?

Each new year introduces new decor trends, and one of the biggest this upcoming year is the bold and optimistic colour of pink.

Each new year introduces new decor trends, and one of the biggest this upcoming year is the bold and optimistic colour of pink.

The Pantone Colour Institute recently named honeysuckle the colour for 2011.

Not since the late 1950s have we seen this colour used as a decorating staple.

Keeping in mind that women did most of the home decorating in the ’50s, I’m wondering whether the male population will be accepting of this new, bold colour.

Using the hue sparingly is the key to introducing this year’s biggest colour into your space.

A shot of pink will add an upbeat feeling to almost any deep neutral tones — especially charcoal and dark brown.

Excited about pink but don’t want your space to look like a teenage girl’s bedroom? Here are a few decorating suggestions to incorporate it without going overboard.

Accessorize it pink
Decorative accessories like glass vases, leather ottomans and area rugs are a great way to add the colour to a room without overbearing it.

Remember the rule with accessories: three items of pink in any room will add enough impact. Any more will be overkill.

To keep a masculine look, make sure the amount of pink in a patterned rug or pillow is less than 30 per cent.

The Delizia Rug from Crate and Barrel adds just enough pink to stay on trend and keeps the guys happy.

Paint it pink
A full wall of pink might be overpowering, so I suggest using it on a wall where large items will be sitting against it, breaking up the expanse of colour.

A back wall in the dining room with a large hutch sitting in front is a great example.

Also, consider painting a wall that isn’t being viewed within a seating arrangement.

Benjamin Moore’s Rosy Blush 2083-30 is my choice for a delicious pink wall.

Also, painting an old piece of furniture bright pink will add an instant focal point to any space.

Cook it pink
Check out Bodum’s electric kettles and toasters in great bright colours.

Their thermal jug brings a touch of pink into any room you carry your coffee.

Printed bedding, towels and upholstery fabric are most likely the easiest way to introduce pink to a room.

Look for it with other colours like dark khaki green, orange, grey or chocolate brown. Those colours will help sway the pink into a masculine tone.

Remember to make sure the trend colour is less than 30 per cent of the overall pattern. Ikea’s Andrea Satin duvet and pillows remind me of the colours in a swanky tie. Team with chocolate brown sheets and you’ve come on trend with this year’s biggest colour.

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