Students turn their backs on the white house on national school walkout day
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Today, March 14, is National Walkout Day. At 10:00 a.m., schools spanning the nation and across time zones participated in a demonstration that lasted for 17 minutes — one minute for every victim of the Parkland shooting which occurred exactly one month ago today.


Schools from NYC to Texas took part in the #Enough! National Walkout meant to bring awareness to school safety issues and call on Congress to enforce stricter gun laws.


Organizers of the nationwide protest, Women’s March Youth Empower, also want to bring people to the polls. "Walking out is just one of many ways to take action," their website reads. If you are not registered to vote, they’re calling on you to do something about it: "Use the 17-minute walkout to make sure you and your classmates are registered to vote! Text P2P to RTVOTE (788683)." For more important information about National Walkout Day, visit the Women's March Youth Empower website


Watch students turn their backs on the White House on National Walkout Day

Students, teachers and their supporters in the Washington, D.C. area participated in a chilling moment of silence for 17 minutes on National Walkout Day. They bowed their heads, held their signs steady and turned their backs on the White House. Literally:


Here’s more footage:

Leading up to this demonstration, students rallied outside the White House with a message that was loud and clear: Gun control.

But when the clock struck 10:00 a.m., they turned their backs and fell silent. 

Though the National Walkout was 17 minutes, the fight for stricter gun laws and safer schools is ongoing. And it’s a force.