What are Trump Bonus Checks
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Is there some "loophole" in the tax code that’s allowing President Donald Trump to issue checks to ordinary Americans? That’s what one man is claiming — and he’s spreading the word to make sure everyone knows about these "Trump Bonus Checks" that are giving people thousands of dollars a month.

Is this for real? Can you really get a payout of $7,000 or more a month, just for signing up for Trump Bonus Checks?

What are Trump Bonus Checks?

The term "Trump Bonus Checks" is a clever play on words to make you think it’s somehow connected to the bonuses many companies gave employees $1,000 to $3,000 bonuses after Trump’s tax reform came through in early 2018.

But Trump Bonus Checks aren’t part of the government at all, but a moniker given by Mike Burnick, a registered investment advisor behind the Infinite Income newsletter.


"The Mainstream Media and the Democrats don’t want you to know about 'Trump Bonus Checks!'" Burnick writes on his website. "But after researching and reading everything I could get my hands on for the past 14 years… I have finally discovered a secret loophole that will allow you to grab your share of $5 trillion that President Trump is bringing home."

Is donald Trump giving away free money

If this sounds familiar, it is. A similar idea — called Freedom Checks — was heavily promoted earlier this year by Matt Badiali. Freedom Checks were a fancied-up name for investing in Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). With MLPs, you invest money up front in certain types of companies (usually gas and energy) and then get yields based on how the companies do.

Trump Bonus Checks are based on the same idea, but instead of MLPs, Burnick is urging people to get in now to get paid when "foreign accounts" bring money back to the United States, releasing Trump Bonus Checks to the people. But in reality, the Trump Bonus Checks will just be dividends made from investments in stocks.

Burnick claims he has the answer on how to create a "disaster-proof portfolio" that gets you checks in your mailbox month after month — all you have to do is pay $99 a year for a subscription to his Infinite Income newsletter.

Sound familiar? It’s the same concept as Freedom Checks.

Are Trump Bonus Checks a scam?

Yes, in the idea that Donald Trump isn’t going to just send you checks for signing up for some newsletter. By paying for an Infinite Income subscription, you’ll get a book on the idea behind Trump Bonus Checks and how to get in on these thousands of dollars. You can absolutely make money investing — and millions of people do — but it requires money, time and investing knowledge, not just your name and address.

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