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Woman attacks four U.S. tourists with acid in Marseille train station

The tourists were assaulted while walking through a busy train station in the city of Marseille.
(Photo by Trans World Productions via Flickr)
(Photo by Trans World Productions via Flickr)

Four U.S. tourists were attacked in France on Sunday when acid was thrown in their faces.

The tourists, only identified at this point as females in their 20s, were assaulted by a 41-year-old woman while walking through Saint Charles train station, a transportation hub of the city of Marseille.

All four victims were hospitalized, two having suffered shock and one having a potential eye injury. No information is available at this time as to where in the U.S. the tourists are from.

Limited information on the attack has been provided to the media by the Marseille prosecutor’s office; however, the incident is not being treated as a terrorist act.