Map: Satellite


By Philip Eales


Published by DK Publishing

$50, Hardcover

For the dad who is interested in the world around him, this book is filled with cutting-edge satellite photography, detailed maps and combines historical facts with the impact of modern environmental changes.

• Available at most major bookstores

The Past from Above: Aerial Views of Great Archaeological Sites

By Georg Gerster

Published by J. Paul Getty Museum

$39.95, Paperback

For the father who has an eye for photography and an interest in ancient sites, Gerster’s collection covers more than 249 locations in more than 50 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

• Available at most major bookstores

Rant: An Oral Biography Of Buster Casey

By Check Palahniuk

Published by Doubleday Canada

$32.95, Hardcover

The latest from Palahniuk, Rant combines literary appeal with bizarre characters, a roller-coaster story, and a surprise ending. It’s sure to make dad want to sit out on the deck and relax with some good summer reading.

• Available at most major bookstores

1941 The Greatest Year In Sports

By Mike Vaccaro

Published by Random House of Canada Limited

$23.95, Hardcover

While some dads may remember the year of 1941, others may have only read about it, but any dad who enjoys sports will enjoy reading about sports legends like Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, and Joe Louis who, against the backdrop of the Second World War, made the summer of 1941 a great year for sports.

• Available at most major bookstores

Unforgettable Islands to Escape to Before You Die

By Steve Davey and Marc Scholossman

Published by Firefly Books

$24.95, Paperback

All some fathers want is to escape to a deserted tropical island for a little relaxation, and this book offers some breathtaking, out-of-the-way places. Even if dad never makes it to his island destination, at least he’ll enjoy the gorgeous pictures.

• Available at most major bookstores

The Mad Dog Hall of Fame: The Ultimate Top-Ten Rankings of the Best in Sports

By Christopher Russo and Allen St. John

Published by Doubleday Canada

$31.95, Hardcover

For dads who have a love of sports and slightly competitive side, radio personality Christopher (Mad Dog) Russo brings them through the big questions like which players, teams, and venues would make the top-10 lists of all time.

• Available at most major bookstores