When drum and bass duo The Carps hit the stage at the Mod Club Saturday night the plan is simple.
“We plan to play as hard as humanly possible,” singer Jahmal Tonge tells Metro.

The musical collaboration between Tonge and partner Neil White began when they met at a Scarborough church youth group several years ago. Now the pair — whose music is best described as a collision of punk and R&B — is better known for serving up high-energy, sweat-soaked live shows.

“I was brought up on a steady dosage of punk and progressive rock,” White explains, “Whereas Jahmal had more of a soul, R&B interest. We started to share these musical tastes and from there, expanded both of our musical interests and horizons.”

Those horizons resulted in the release earlier this year of the band’s second genre-bending EP Waves and Shambles. The disc is a swirling mash-up of hip hop, new jack swing, dance and rock.
“A lot of it is heavily influenced by analog keyboard sounds,” says White, noting that others songs took them, “back to our grunge and duct tape punk days.”

Tonge says the band is serious about respecting and emulating the influences they choose to mine. “If you are an artist of integrity, you will allow the great music that has come before you and the great music of your peers to influence your style.”