This National Anti-Bullying Week, we'd like to point out how awesome we Canadians are: nice, charitable and funny. To wit, Rick Mercer's personal rant about youth bullying, which touches on many of the same topics that the anti-gay bullying It Gets Better project does — except Mercer's came three years earlier. We are awesome, and way ahead of the curve, too.


You know why else Canadians are awesome? Our multiculturalism. We know, everyone talks about it, but here is a heart-warming look at our diversity in practice: a portrait of a strip mall in suburban Toronto, where Chinese optometry shops shack up next to Trinidadian roti joints, and Sri Lankan grocery stores live next to halal butcher shops. Awesome.

It's no secret that Metro loves cats (see our MetroTube archive for proof). If you've ever wondered what exactly they're looking at, wonder no more! Now you can see what these inscrutable creatures get up to when you let them outside or patter about at home, with the amazing CatCam, a device created by a German catowner, that loops around cat necks and captures images automatically. On top of being smarter than dogs, it turns out cats are also great photographers.

The story of a Canadian CatCam-mer: