Lady Gaga went from pop upstart with cutesy-but-eccentric hairbows to that lady at whom nobody blinks an eye when she shows up for an awards show wearing a meat dress. (And asks Cher to hold her 'meat purse,' at that!) She's a fascinating celebrity to watch, no doubt, so here's our picks for the best Lady Gaga reads on the Internet.


  1. Why the appeal with the teen freaks and misfits? The Walrus' Stacey May Fowles explains in Revenge of the Sexy Nerds.

  2. It's not just the teen freaks and misfits, actually — plenty of scholars and academic-types are drawn to Lady Gaga's antics and messages, too. Online academic journal Gaga Stigmata breaks it down.

  3. Gaga's not the only brain behind her outlandish costumes. Read her stylist Nicola Formichetti's blog, which has plenty of insights — and designer details, in case you also want a dress that resembles a spinning planet.