TheCIAleftbehindinertexplosivesin a Virginiaschoolbusused for a canine trainingexerciseand students were transported in it before the materials were found, officials said.

The inactiveexplosiveswere discovered in the engine compartment when the Loudoun County PublicSchoolsbuswas undergoing maintenance, the Central Intelligence Agency said in a statement on Thursday.

ACIAcanine teamlefttheinertexplosivesbehind after a detectionexerciseheld at a highschoolduring spring break, it said.

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Theschooldistrict in the Washington suburb said the materials were aboard thebuson Monday and Tuesday when it carried elementary and highschoolstudents.

"TheCIAassured Loudoun officials the training material used in thisexerciseis stable and posed no danger to students on board thebus," it said in a statement.

Theinertexplosiveswere inside a container and part of them apparently fell out into the engine space, theschooldistrict said.

TheCIAsaid the material had been recovered and that it was taking steps to review the training and tighten procedures in its canine program.

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