The TTC is marginally cleaner than it was two years ago. But an audit of 69 stations shows none of them meet the highest standard of cleanliness being applied to the system.

The May audit shows 45 of the TTC’s 69 stations were ranked 60 to 70 per cent out of 100 for their cleanliness. That score, described as “casual inattentiveness,” was an improvement over the Feb. 2008 results, which showed only 29 stations did that well.

Twenty-one stations scored between 70 per cent and 80 per cent this year.

The four worst stations are: Eglinton West, Yorkdale, Harbourfront and North York.

The five best are: High Park, Wilson, Midland, Lawrence East and Bessarion.

According to a report before the city councillors on the Toronto Transit Commission tomorrow, none of the stations were on the bottom rung of “unkempt neglect” and only four stations in the city scored below 60 per cent.

It would likely take another 70 cleaners, in addition to the TTC’s 240 staff janitors, to make a substantial improvement on the system’s current condition, said transit commission chair Adam Giambrone.

“You’re probably not going to have stations in the 90 per cent-and-above rate. You’d (need to) basically have people on every platform waiting with a broom,” he said.

A more realistic scenario would have most stations scoring around the 80 per cent range, said Giambrone.

The TTC is planning to increase its cleaning staff by 78 positions by 2013, according to the report.

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