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The cocktail trouser hour

This season a glitzy pair of trousers replaces the little black dress.

Trousers to a cocktail party? Here are a few reasons to give them a try: 1) Pants are more liberating and easier to dance in than a tiny little dress, 2) They're chic in a slightly unaffected, androgynous kind of way and 3) This season's flashy, embellished versions are bang on trend thanks to Stella McCartney, Jonathan Saunders, Miu Miu and a long list of others who worked the look into their fall collections.

What to get

Go for a pair that is sufficiently showy. Think shiny metallics, textured brocade or trippy graphics. Wear them to the office with a button down and blazer before changing into a slinky top and skinny heel for night. Now where’s that martini?

H&M pants $50, www.hm.com

ASOS floral trousers, $80, www.asos.com

Top Shop baroque flock trouser, $80, www.topshop.com

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