The Comedy Network is inviting brave, budding comedians to take their acts online and face the wrath of critics.

The homegrown comedy TV station has launched Upload Yours, a website in which anyone can post their own homemade comedy videos for free and have them critiqued by viewers.

Video categories on the site - located at - include parody, random, sketch and stand-up.

The rating system for the videos ranges from "Itty Bitty Balls" for the worst video to "Monster Balls" for the best video.

To kick off the site, the network has posted a series of shorts called "Worst Gig Ever" with nine high-profile Canadian standup talents, including MuchMusic "Video on Trail" pundit Debra DiGiovanni.

The Comedy Network says it created the site so it could have its own unique voice, and so Canadian content wouldn't get diluted, in the expanding world of user-generated video sites.

The network also points out that the site could provide a platform for budding comedians wishing to gain the attention of TV developers and progammers.

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