The exotic mix of rum and revolution in Cuba will have you dancing in the streets, the bars, and just about everywhere.


The national sport of Cuba - baseball.
The packed, hot stadium and impassioned crowds will have you on your feet in seconds. Pick a team and scream and jump with the rest of the fans for ‘your boys.’



Local musicians in the Trova houses and street parties.
But be warned, most towns have a museum to the Beatles, and Sir Paul McCartney seems to have sat in every bar and restaurant in Cuba


Christians and moors
That’s rice and beans to you and I, a national staple of the Cuban diet. Spice it up with any of the huge variety of fried bananas. Perfect for the vegetarian in us all.


The classic choice with lashings of rum, mint, water and sugar is nothing like its pale European imitations and is served everywhere. For a thirst quenching alternative, try a Buccaneer, the local beer.


Go native in spandex shorts, vest and sandals.
For the more delicate complexions a hat or head covering is a must, teamed with a local economy-boosting Che T-shirt.


See a water ballet show
Amazingly beautiful men and women dancing pool side and in the water with synchronised swimming. Be warned though, they will try and get you on your feet, though thankfully not in the actual pool.


Be fooled by local requests for soap and pens
The people want money and this is a polite way of saying so. If someone pulls at their top, again, it’s a request for a couple of dollars, not the shirt off your back.


Just about anything you like
The super-friendly people of Cuba that you meet in the street will be happy to chat away to you in Spanish. And whether either of you understands a word of what the other is saying is irrelevant — you’re just sharing some free time, Cuba-style