Debbie Travis is a four time Gemini award-winning television host (her current television series, All For One airs on CBC), authored nine best-selling books and designs a line of signature home goods sold exclusively at Canadian Tire.


This year, Debbie designed the entire Christmas collection for Canadian Tire Stores -- a collection of tree ornaments, wreaths and holiday decor that is on-trend for the holidays and priced for every budget. I had a chance to ask her a few questions regarding holiday trends and the collection for this year.


What's the most exciting holiday decor trend this year?
I think it has to be holiday fun, it's definitely included in the various collections I've designed. Themes include Mascarade Ball, Candy Cane and Winter Forest (there are six themes to the collection). You'll see lots of nostalgia (think 1950's), stripes, polka dots, glitter, and shine.


There will also be a sense of homemade to some of the collections; a trend that we will see sticking around for a few years.


How do you decorate in your own home?
I am usually in Montreal during the holidays and decorate two very different trees. I have what I call a 'memory tree' in the living room that highlights family memories through ornaments collected over the years. My boys would absolutely kill me if they didn't see those familiar ornaments each year. I then put up a hip, trendy tree in the dining room; it’s a way to stay current with trends and have fun when entertaining.

What is your favorite holiday ornament from your holiday collection?
I love the Girlie Shoe collection, they make fantastic ornaments, but are also great gift toppers and napkin rings. They're very Sex and the City and add much whimsy and fun to holiday celebrations.

How will this year's holiday decor differ from next year?
There will be different colour themes, but I am hoping that ornaments purchased this year can be built up and added on next year. Collecting memorable ornaments that create memories from year to year is what it is all about.

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