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The Donald won, say Metro readers in online poll

The unscientific poll attracted participants from 55 countries.
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Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in their first presidential debate, say readers who responded to Metro’s“debating the debate” unscientific poll.

Out of the 2,128 who took Metro’s online poll Monday night after the debate into Tuesday evening, the flamboyant Republican candidate was declared the winner by 63.4 percent of Metro’s readers. The former secretary of state was deemed the victor by nearly 34 percent of the poll participants.

Another 2.6 percent of the readers said the debate ended in a tie.

Other national polls have given the victory to Clinton; CNN, for example, polled 521 registered voters who watched the debate and found 62 percent thought Clinton had won, while only 27 percent thought Trump had prevailed.


Only a few of the readers who participated in the poll added a comment. Most of the comments were left by readers who said Clinton won the debate.

“I’m not a big fan of Clinton, honestly, but in this case, I’ll choose between the lesser of two evils,” posted a reader who identified himself at Jay Haney.

Because the Metro poll could be accessed via a Google search and social media, 21 percent of those who participated in the poll did so from outside the U.S. Votes were recorded from 54 other countries, including Russia, Malaysia and South Africa.

Most votes originating outside the U.S. came from Canada and the United Kingdom.

While the poll was unscientific, participants were restricted to one vote per computer to help stem ballot stuffing.

The televised debate attracted an estimated 80 million viewers, according to early figures released by Nielsen. The TV audience was the largest since televised debates began in 1960 with the Kennedy-Nixon face-off.

The total, however, falls far short of the 105 million who watched the final episode of M.A.S.H.

The second debate is scheduled for Oct. 9.

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